Public Parking Locations in Plymouth

Where you decide to park in Plymouth will depend on your destination, how long you intend to stay and whether or not you need to pay for parking.  

We encourage you to download the Passport Parking App and register so you will be all set to easily pay for parking from your smartphone when you visit Plymouth.  See the Parking Payment Options page for further information about paying for parking in Plymouth.

NOTE: It is convenient to walk to destinations from the parking areas in the downtown and on the waterfront. There is a map showing walking times to various destinations from a number of different parking locations. Click Walking Times to Destinations to see this map.

Public parking locations in Plymouth fall into several basic groups defined by the maximum amount of time you can park there:
15-20 Minute Free Parking:  The map below shows a number of places in the Downtown/Waterfront area where you can park for free for 15-20 minutes.

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Unlimited Free Parking:   You can park for free for as long as you like in the Jenny Pond parking lot (Spring Lane) located off Summer Street and at the Water Street free lots located at 234-236 Water Street near Nelson Park.  These lots are located at the periphery of the core downtown/waterfront areas and are shown in dark green on the map below.

2-hour Free Parking:  There are numerous curbside spaces along Court Street (Route 3A), Main Street, Main Street Extension, Market Street, Sandwich Street and Depot Square where you can also park for free but for only up to 2 hours.  [Exception: free parking up to 4 hours is allowed on Summer Street only].  Because they are immediately adjacent to downtown retail shops and restaurants, these parking spaces are fully occupied during most of the day and the time limit for these spaces is strictly enforced. The locations of the free and 2-hour time limit parking spaces are shown in lighter green on the map below.  

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2-hour Paid On-Street Metered Parking:  Plymouth also has a limited number of parking  spaces that are metered and have a 2-hour time limit – they are located on Town Wharf where it is important that parkers do not stay for extended periods of time.  If a 2-hour curbside parking space is metered you have to pay to park there during the paid parking season and can only stay up to 2 hours or less. The time limit for these parking spaces is strictly enforced.  The location of these spaces on the wharf on the Plymouth waterfront is shown in pink on the map below. 

4-hour Paid On-Street Metered Parking:   Most of the curbside parking spaces in the downtown and especially on the waterfront have parking meters or pay stations that require you to pay during the paid parking season but allow you to park for up to a maximum of 4-hours.  The streets in the downtown and on the waterfront in Plymouth where the 4-hour paid parking spaces are located are shown in red on the map below. 

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4-hour Paid Surface Lot Parking:  There are three surface parking lots on Water Street along the waterfront where parking is limited to up to 4-hours -- Water Lot 2, Water Lot 2B, and Water Lot 3.  The 4-hour time limit is strictly enforced in these lots to ensure that they are not occupied throughout the entire day by visitors taking harbor tours or cruises. The location of the 4-hour spaces are shown in light brown on the map below. 

10-hour Paid Parking Lots and Parking Deck:  Most of the surface lots available for public parking in downtown Plymouth have 10-hour time limits.  The S. Russell Street Parking Deck adjacent to Town Hall is also a 10-hour parking location with some important restrictions (see the description below).  During the paid parking season, you can pay for parking by the hour in these lots up to a maximum of 10 hours.  Park in these lots if you need to stay for more than a few hours, are going on a whale-watching tour, or taking a ferry to Provincetown.  The locations of the 10-hour paid parking lots in the downtown and waterfront areas of Plymouth are shown in dark brown on the map below. 

Parking in the Town Hall Corridor (Deck, Lots and On-street):

The S. Russell St. Parking Deck next to Town Hall opened in January of 2019. The upper level of the parking deck is restricted to Town Hall employees when Town Hall is open for business, but the public can park on the upper level of the deck when Town Hall is closed.  The lower level of the parking deck is open for public parking on a 24/7 basis. 
Click here for a detailed description of the important parking restrictions that are in effect on the streets and in the other parking facilities surrounding Town Hall (where and when parking is 2-hour free, 4-hour paid, or 10-hour paid). 

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-- Park Plymouth
If you are visiting Plymouth for the first time, we want your visit to be enjoyable and free of worry about receiving a parking ticket if you drive and park here.  The downtown and waterfront area of Plymouth is compact and pedestrian friendly with most points of interest no more than a 15-minute walk apart.  

If you are coming to the downtown looking to shop for an hour or two, look for an on-street unmetered parking space – these spaces are convenient, intended for those with short stays, but difficult to find. 

If you are going to be here for longer than 2 hours, you should consider parking in one of the 4- hour on-street metered space or  in a10-hour off-street lot – the Memorial Hall parking lot on the Waterfront and the S. Russell Street parking deck adjacent to the downtown area are especially convenient to most destinations.   There you can pay for the number of hours you expect to stay .   

If you are a Plymouth resident who visits the downtown/waterfront area to eat or shop on a regular basis – or an employee of an area business who needs parking – your best option is to purchase a Plymouth parking permit.  This will save you money and allow you to come and go as many times as you like throughout the year. See the Permit Parking section of this website for more information.