PGDC Projects and Plans

The parking monies collected by the PGDC since its inception, including the annual costs to operate Parking Plymouth, are all committed to the promotion of economic development in Plymouth.  The PGDC has devoted millions of dollars to improving town infrastructure and providing parking conditions conducive to growth in the Downtown/Waterfront districts and North Plymouth.  These efforts have ranged all the way from engineering and financial feasibility studies through the design and construction of new parking facilities.  See below for a description of six of the major projects that have been undertaken, the studies that have been performed, and the design options that were evaluated.  

Design and Construction of S. Russell Street Parking Deck

$5.9 Million
The PGDC funded and managed, in coordination with the Town of Plymouth, the design and construction of a new 149-space, 2-level parking deck on S. Russell Street adjacent to Town Hall. The PGDC paid all engineering, design, construction and contingency/soft costs associated with the structure at a cost of over $5.9 million; this includes the annual cost of a $2,995,200 bond issued by the Town over a 30-year term. The parking deck provides valuable additional off-street parking spaces for Town Hall employees, area business employees, Plymouth residents and visitors to the downtown business district.  It was completed and available for full occupancy in August 2019. 

Acquisition of MBTA Surface Lot on Lothrop Street

In 2013, the PGDC purchased a 2.3 acre parking lot located on Lothrop Street from the MBTA which is now called the Water 4 public parking lot.  Located adjacent to Hotel 1620 and Village Landing, the lot consists of 140 parking spaces and is serviced by two (2) multi-space pay stations.  To facilitate access directly from Lothrop Street, a new access drive into the lot was constructed in 2015.  Park Plymouth also purchased and installed 8 new solar-powered light poles and fixtures in the lot to ensure customer safety at all times of the day.  The Water 4 lot is used often as an overflow parking lot during summer months by visitors and patrons to the many restaurants that exist along the waterfront on Water Street.

Transportation Hub/Visitors Center - Memorial Hall Parking Lot

The PGDC funded in partnership with GATRA, the regional transit provider, an engineering/ financial feasibility study and 30% design plans for a multi-modal Transportation and Visitor's Center on the Memorial Hall surface parking lot.  The proposed facility was designed to include a 400-space public parking garage, a state-of-the-art Visitor's Center, a bus transit/bicycle center, along with retail space on Water Street.  The PGDC invested approximately $415,000 to leverage $1.2 million in federal funds (Federal Transit Administration and GATRA) for the engineering and design plans; the Town of Plymouth also contributed $197,500 from the Plymouth Center Parking Fund for this effort.  Unable to secure sufficient federal funding for this $24 million project under a federal TIGER grant, the PGDC will explore alternative and more affordable parking facility designs suitable for the site.

Feasibility Study for New Parking Garage on Main Street Ext. Lot

The PGDC funded an engineering/financial feasibility study and conceptual design plan for a new 240-space, 5-level parking garage to be located on the site of the current 64-space Main Street Extension lot on Main Street. The Main St. Ext. lot serves Town Center and is Plymouth's highest demand paid parking lot with consistently strong occupancy year-round.  With a projected construction cost in excess of $13 million, and difficult site conditions that required unique engineering design features, the PGDC is currently restoring its cash reserves so it can revisit this garage development project in the future. 

Improvements to Middle Street Parking Lot

In response to neighborhood complains about loose garbage and security in the lot, the PGDC engineered, designed and funded the construction of a dumpster enclosure in the Middle Street surface parking lot.  It also reconfigured the entire parking area to now encompass 58 parking spaces, introduced new pedestrian walkways and landscape at the lot entrance, and installed security cameras to surveille the entire parking lot. The Middle Street lot is critical to the economic health of the downtown businesses (as well as meeting the needs of nearby residences) and is heavily occupied at all times of the year.

PGDC Purchases 4 North Street Property In Downtown Plymouth

The Plymouth Growth & Development Corporation (PGDC) has purchased the property at 4 North Street in the heart of downtown Plymouth in July of 2020 for $2.35 million. It consists of over 80 surface parking spaces and a building that fronts on North Street. The PGDC has leased a portion of the total parking spaces on the 4 North property – the Brewster Street Lot – for more than 10 years. This acquisition places all the parking spaces in the current surface lot under PGDC control and ensures that this unique location will not be lost to future development.
Leighton Price, President of the PGDC, says the purchase is perfectly aligned with the PGDC’s mission to expand public parking facilities for the Town. “The preservation of the Plymouth Downtown Center as the cultural, civic, governmental and retail center of the town depends on providing sufficient off-street parking for those who work, shop, and visit there. This purchase is a major contribution to that goal.”
The purchase of 4 North Street represents the latest financial investment by the PGDC to create and expand public parking on behalf of the Town of Plymouth. The Corporation purchased a 2.3 acre parking lot from the MBTA in 2013 near Hotel 1620 and created a 140-space public parking lot (Water 4 Lot); made substantial improvements to the Middle Street lot in 2017; and in 2019 PGDC completed the engineering, design and construction of the 2-level South Russell Street Parking Deck adjacent to Plymouth Town Hall.
While some parking spaces in the adjacent lot will be reserved for use by future building occupants, the vast majority will be made available for public use during weekdays and on weekends. Park Plymouth is currently preparing this parking lot to become part of our paid parking inventory and resident permit program. Please visit for permit and parking information.

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Development of A Plymouth Parking Management Plan

The Plymouth Parking Management Plan was developed by the PGDC to be a guide for public policy decisions and investments in the parking and transportation systems of the Plymouth downtown-waterfront aea and North Plymouth.  The Plan was developed in consideration of previous parking and economic development studies and master plans, stake holder interviews, and an evaluation of past, current and future parking needs. It includes a series of specific short-, medium- and long-term parking improvements as well as strategies for regulating parking demand through pricing and parking time limits.  It is intended that the Plan be updated regularly in response to changing economic conditions in the commercial areas.