PGDC Meetings

The PGDC conducts meetings on a bi-weekly basis during most of the year with all meeting agendas posted at least 48 hours in advance on the Town of Plymouth website.  Click here to review the Town of Plymouth website for upcoming meetings.  Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the PGDC/Park Plymouth offices located at 40 Court Street in downtown Plymouth. The minutes of each meeting are written and posted on the Town of Plymouth website after they have been reviewed and approved by the PGDC Board. 

You can now view the agenda and minutes of all PGDC meetings from January 2015 to the present by taking the following steps:

1.  Go to the Town of Plymouth website homepage and click on the "Meetings" tab
2.  Type "Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation" as the keywords or phrase in the Search box
3.  Indicate the range of calendar dates you would like to search
4.  Press GO
5.  Press the "Events & Bookmarks" tab when it appears 
6.  Find the PGDC meeting event you want to review and click on the "download" button to download the
      agenda or meeting minutes.

Agendas and minutes of PGDC meetings posted prior to January 27, 2015 can be viewed in the archives on the Town of Plymouth website by clicking here.  Copies of meeting agendas and minutes can also be obtained by contacting the PGDC Executive Director at the PGDC/Park Plymouth offices.