EV Charging Station Locations

There are 16 EV charging stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of the Town of Plymouth – most of them are on the ChargePoint network.  Three of these charging units are available for public use in the downtown/waterfront areas of Plymouth.  One is located on the waterfront at 197 Water Street, another is located in the North Street Lot, and the third is in the Cornish Lot (26 Court Street) behind Town Hall.  Click here for a map showing the location of these EV charging stations. All of the units are ChargePoint Level 2 charging stations on dual pedestals that can service 2 parking spaces/vehicles at once.  A Level 2 EV stations can fully charge some vehicles in less than 4 hours.  Additional charging stations in the Town of Plymouth can be found at:

Plimouth Plantation, 137 Warren Avenue
Mayflower Plaza, 717 State Road
120 Colony Place
179-197 Water Street

You can go to www.chargepoint.com to find where all of the charging units in adjacent communities are located, to set up a ChargePoint account, and to receive a free ChargePoint card or download the ChargePoint app so you can start a charging session.   If you are not a ChargePoint member, you can call the ChargePoint customer support line at 888-758-4389.

ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station parking spaces are for electric vehicles only.  You will receive a parking citation if you park your EV vehicle in an EV space and are not charging, or if you park in an EV space and do not have an electric vehicle.  Charging your electric vehicle is free; however, users must still pay for parking at the meter. 

For information on the operation and management of EV charging stations in the Town of Plymouth, contact Patrick Farah, Plymouth Energy Officer, at 508-747-1620, ext. 10204.

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